Sweden’s Tall Ship ‘Götheborg’ To Visit Indonesia

During the stay in Jakarta, the ship will be the focus of a number of exhibitions and cultural events highlighting the historic as well as contemporary links between Sweden and Indonesia. There will be days when the public can visit the ship under guided tour.
he wooden-built replica of old Götheborg – which was sunk in September 1745 with her entire cargo outside Götheborg harbor – has already become a Swedish national symbol for culture, trade and industry.
“The ship “Götheborg” will be used as a platform for presenting Swedish business, technology and culture to the rest of the world. The project has attracted a lot of international attention,” says Göran Bengtsson, Chairman of the Swedish East India Company that rebuilt the entire vessel and who plans to sail to China again.
The ship has a crew of 19 and another 60 volunteers apprentices onboard, working together under the command of  Gunnar Silfverberg-Utgaard, who has 35 years of experience at sea, 15 on large sailing vessels.
long the route to China, the Swedish ship “Götheborg” has visited several ports, including Cadiz in Spain, Cape Town in South Africa, Jakarta in Indonesia and also Port of Fremantle in Australia.
To follow the voyage of the Götheborg, visit www.soic.se



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