Vietnam: The Next IT Outsourcing Capital?

Two companies – the Vietnamese DTT and the Danish Globeteam – have joined forces to create a strong team in the area of software development and services. DTT has experience within software outsourcing and Globeteam within ICT infrastructure and business development.
Whereas India is a popular country for IT outsourcing, Vietnam is not to be overlooked, the Danish Embassy in Hanoi writes on their website.
“Vietnam is one of the major emerging markets in Southeast Asia when it comes to software outsourcing. Today, some of the industry’s leading technology companies are outsourcing work to Vietnam. In the future, Vietnam has the potential to develop into an outsourcing centre like India.”

Tech transfers
In order to get the project running, Globeteam will transfer key technologies to DTT and train the Vietnamese employees in using the technologies. This will make the Vietnamese company familiar with the work processes of Globeteam.
This will enable the Danish company to transfer assignments from their portfolio to be solved in Vietnam under the supervision of an experienced project manager.
The transfer of know-how from Globeteam will enable DTT gradually to engage in bigger and more complex system developments.
Through the co-operation, DTT will get access to the Danish market and possibly also other European markets.
The co-operation will receive support for training through Danida’s Business-to-Business Programme. It is expected to generate 30 new jobs in Vietnam and improve the working conditions for another 30 employees at DTT to Danish standards within 2006.

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