Aalborg Industries Opens Vietnam Factory

On May 17 the Aalborg Industries Vietnam opened its new plant in Haiphong, one of the main centres for the Vietnamese shipbuilding industry.
What the joint venture hopes to achieve with the plant is nothing less than to produce world class marine boilers.
The Danish company and the Vietnamese partner Vinashin has invested USD 3 million in the plant, which will supply marine boilers to the rapidly growing shipbuilding industry in the region.
The CEO of Aalborg Industries Jan Vestergaard Olsen, VINASHIN Vice president Nguyen Qouc An, and Danish ambassador Peter Lysholt Hansen were among the participants in the opening.

Long way in short time
The joint venture has only existed in three years and now the factory is open – an impressive achievement Danish ambassador Peter Lysholt Hansen noted in his speech.
“Three years ago that an executive delegation from Aalborg Industries came here for the first time and exactly one year ago we were gathered at this same spot for the ground breaking ceremony for the new factory.”
“The fact that we stand here today in a brand new factory is proof that things can be done here in Vietnam, and rather quickly if you put your mind and energy to it,” Peter Lysholt Hansen underlined.

Setting an example
The success of the joint venture might be the key to attract more companies to Vietnam.
“Together you are also setting an important example for others in the marine business. Within the past six months more than 40 Danish marine companies have participated in two marine delegations to Vietnam. They have noted this project with much interest, and I am sure that more companies will follow,” said Peter Lysholt Hansen.
The project has also received support from Danida’s B2B-programme to develop proper occupational health and safety standards in Vietnam.

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