Norway Promotes Nordic Cuisine On the Web

Perhaps your next dinner could consist of Norwegian salmon with rice, broccoli and sour cream. And if  so,  now you can access the recipe on a new website
Nordicplate is a Nordic web portal dedicated to food and meals. The Norwegian version was recently launched, and the site is now available in all five Nordic languages as well as English. With a plethora of educational material, the website can be a helpful tool in secondary schools all over the world.
The web portal starts out with a meal, where the ingredients are described from various perspectives: production, nature and environmental ethics, health, hygiene, recipes, culture, consumption and society.
For example, if you are interested in preparing a wok dish with salmon, but are perhaps also curious to know more about the products as well as its culinary history, Nordicplate will guide you through the whole process: from the production stage to how you can prepare a wonderful dish for tonight’s supper.
Nordicplate is the initiative of the Nordic Council, which is also the primary funding source together with the Norwegian Food Safety Authority and the Danish National Consumer Agency.
See Nordicplate (English version) at:


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