Carlsberg Consider Vietnam Expansion

Earlier this week Carlsberg’s chief executive Nils Smedegaard Andersen asked that his employees should be willing to take more risks and declared himself ready to take an economical beating in the hunt for new markets and innovative solutions.
“The organisation has to be willing to take risks and we have to be able to look the surrounding world in the eyes if we make mistakes,” Andersen told the Danish media.
He elaborated on the new strategy airing the possibility that Carlsberg might be ready to make a move in Vietnam.
“Carlsberg’s debt weighs too heavily to enter markets where it has little exposure, but the company would consider purchases in western China and Vietnam,” the brewer’s chief executive said.
“The brewer is in a position to make more acquisitions in markets that it is already present in and is prepared to take a few gambles in areas such as western China and Vietnam,” Andersen told Danish newspaper Borsen.
“But we can’t go out and conquer the world,” he added.

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When Carlsberg was contacted by about expansion plans, China and Vietnam were once again mentioned.
“We’re now involved in 20 breweries in China and two in Vietnam,” the spokesperson said.
“There are no changes to be made (in our position in the countries) but we still consider the two markets as important emerging markets.”
The spokesperson added that Carlsberg was not expecting reasonable returns from its Asian interests until around 2013 and 2015.
“Future growth for us is more likely to come from emerging markets,” the spokesperson said.
Earlier this month, Carlsberg, posted a first-quarter operating profit of DKK 83 million (US$14.2 million), a turnaround on a loss of DKK 22 million for the corresponding quarter a year earlier.

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