Singapore Airlines Unveiled in LEGOLAND

Using over 75,000 LEGO bricks in eight colours, the world’s largest Singapore Airlines LEGO aircraft model took the entire team of professional LEGO model builders at LEGOLAND more than 600 hours to construct. It is currently on display at “MiniWorld” in the main LEGOLAND Park.
     The model retains the dimension, scale and design of an actual Singapore Airlines A380 aircraft. Measuring 2.9 metres in length, it has a wingspan of 3.2 meters and stands at one meter. The total weight of the model is 125 kg, including 100 kg of LEGO bricks.
     Singapore Airlines will be the launch customer for the Airbus A380. The largest commercial aircraft ever to be built, it has a length of 72.7 metres, wingspan of 79.8 metres and a height of 24.1 metres. The Airline has 19 A380 aircraft on order and a further 6 options. The aircraft will first be used on the Kangaroo route: between Singapore, Sydney, and then London.

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