Case Against Bandidos in Thailand Crumbles

The long awaited criminal charges brought against Kim Lindegaard Nielsen, the Danish member of the motorcycle gang Bandidos, turned out to be only about the original charges first brought against him.
No word was mentioned of the major accusations brought against him at the time of his arrest in July this year. Kim Lindegaard Nielsen was at that time accused of having masterminded a huge international money laundering operation together with fellow Bandidos member Peter Buch Rosenberg, who escaped arrest.
The Dane was arrested in an major police operation in July involving 100 special force police officers on Koh Samui and Pattaya in Thailand. At the time it was suggested that the two and their fellow gang members had laundered money to the tune of 3000 million Thai baht through a string of real estate companies on Koh Samui
The original charges of having ganged up with others to threaten and extort assets from two former business partners on Koh Samui is now all that remains of the case, which the Danish police hailed as the “crown of the cooperation” between the Danish and the Thai police.
The Public Prosecutor presented the complaint to the court in Bangkok on Tuesday 10 October in evening on the deadline by which date the Dane would otherwise have had to be released. Immidiately after, a request for release on bail was submitted by Kim Lindgaard Nielsen’s defense, which the court denied.
During the preparation of the case, the Dane has several times tried to be released on bail, but it was denied as it was said he would likely influence the police investigation. Considering the high stakes of busting a major international crime ring, the court had followed the request of the police not to release him.
With the relatively small charges now brought against him, it was a surprise that the court still maintained its stance and denied a release on bail. It will according to the prosecution take at least six months before the first court hearing in the case will take place.
Kim Lindegaard Nielsen was Wednesday 11 October, presented with the charges brought against him and pleaded not guilty.

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