On a Guided Tour at Home

You can spend years and years in your home town driving down the same streets and looking at the same buildings over and over again without really getting to know too much about the history of the town.
On Monday October 9th thirty women from Swedish Women’s Educational Association Singapore (SWEA) decided to change that and went on a guided tour to learn more about Singapore. At 9am the tour began and Geraldene Lowe, who has been guiding people around Singapore for almost 40 years, starting sharing her experience and knowledge about Singapore with the SWEA members. Much to the pleasing of Cecilia Sundström.
“Geraldene is amazing and such an inspiration and it is incredible how many things she knows about Singapore,” she explains.
Driving down Singapore’s famous shopping street, Orchard Street, the guide told about how quickly Orchard Street has changed into the busy commercial area that it is today and how it looked in the old days. But Geraldene Lowe was able to inform the audience about more than streets and buildings.
“She told us a lot. Everything from what kind of flowers and trees that why parks and streets are named the way they are. But she knew more than just the names, she was also able to tell a lot about the powerful people, which was very interesting,” Cecilia Sundström says.
Driving through Singapore you will see different environments as you go from one part of the city dominated by one nationality to another part dominated by another nationality. The different nationalities living in Singapore gave the SWEA members a chance to visit an Indian temple, a Mosque and a Chinese temple. According to Cecilia Sundström Geraldene Lowe provided interesting details about some of the different religions thriving in Singapore.
Then it was time to go uphill. To Mount Faber and the Danish Seamen’s church.
“It was time for the “must-have” coffee-break and what better place to have it than in the nice atmosphere of the beautiful church. And stopping by Mount Faber also gave us a chance to buy Scandinavian sweets such as salty liquorice from the church shop,” Cecilia Sundström laughs.
At 1pm the women were filled with knowledge about their home town, but the physical appetite was still there, so the guided tour ended with a lunch at Newton Circus.

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