Vikings Suffer New Defeat

Having a men sent off the pitch in the second half did not help the Vikings in their previous game against Woodstock. However The Scandinavian Vikings do not seem to learn from their mistakes.
In the match against Japanese team Bangkok United on Sunday the 5th of November, the Vikings once again had a man sent off making it even harder to get back in the match being 2-0 down.
“We played a terrible game. In the first half we had plenty of great chances but they were all missed. Bangkok United was more efficient and scored two goals in the first half,” Vikings head coach, Keld Bak, says.
The Vikings started the second half pretty good, but still no goals.
“At that time we were doing okay, but then we had Terry Boulton sent off and that basically ended the game. In general we put up a uninspired performance and we have to realise that we are a bottom team this year and we will have to start the season all over again,” Keld Bak tells.
The Vikings get a chance to improve their situation when they meet British Club on Saturday the 11th of November.

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