Flooding Of the Chamber Office in Bangkok

The office of the four Nordic chambers in Bangkok was flooded with water when the staff came to work on Monday morning 13 November. The layer of water on the floor was about 2 centimeters with some places a bit more and some other places a bit less. The economic damage is yet unknown as it will take all Monday to clean up the area. The office is located on the fifth floor on Phyathai Building in Bangkok and the reason is likely a water pipe leak in the restaurant next to the Chamber’s office.
“It will take a day or two before we are back in normal operation,” says John Svengren, the Executive Director of the Thai-Swedish Chamber of Commerce and the Thai-Norwegian Chamber of Commerce.
Michael Nilsson, the Executive Director of the Danish-Thai Chamber of Commerce said the Danish office didn’t suffer much by the flooding because most things were kept in cupboards except some stationary.
“We have not yet turned on the computers. We leave it all to dry first, then we will see..,” he said
The Thai-Finnish Chamber of Commerce has reportedly suffered more damage than any of the other chambers because they had some boxes placed on the floor with paper material inside which got half soaked. But according to Executive Director Supatra Buranatham it’s an internal issue that should not be covered by ScandAsia.

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