The Baan King Kaew Golf Tournament held to raise funds for the Baan King Kaew Orphanage

Ten Scandinavian and one Thai business professionals will be organizing the first annual Baan King Kaew Golf Trophy from the 19th to 21st January 2007 to support Ching Mai’s independent orphanage, Baan King Kaew. Mr Terje Schau, one of the committee members has been an active supporter of the orphanage for the past six years and he hopes to raise awareness about the orphanage and its cause through the tournament.

Members of the Scandinavian community who wish to participate in the next competition can email Terje at [email protected]
to register their interest.

According to Terje, who has stayed in Asia for the past thirty-one years, it all started when he and a friend were in Chiang Mai playing golf when he fell ill. Having nowhere to go in Chiang Mai, Terje sought refuge at the Baan King Kaew orphanage. There, he was instantly so impressed with the way the orphanage ran that he decided to that he would start sponsoring them on the spot.

Participants in the Baan King Kaew Golf Trophy each pay 5000 baht, all of which will be donated to the orphanage. The tournament will be based on the Stableford tournament with updated handicaps. The major part of the tournament will take place on the Gassan Khuntan‘s golf course, one of the finest up north in Thailand. The group will then head to Chiang Mai for recreational activities before finally hitting the Chiangmai Green Valley Golf Course on the 21st. Members who are partaking in the tournament include individuals from SE Private Banking, Det Norske Vertias, Frank Mohn and many others.

Terje hopes that when participants visit the orphanage during their trip, they will the same way he did when he first stepped into the orphanage.

The objective of the Baan King Kaew orphanage is fairly simple; to provide a healthy environment for orphaned or abandoned infants till they are old enough to start primary school. The program is currently funded by a combination of government funds, private and corporate donations and the remaining estate of Miss Kin Kaew, founder of the home. Monetary donations are not always necessary, time and services offered by public patrons and corporate benefactors are also appreciated, for example, the Royal Princess Hotel often donates food while an old Australian couple lugged a full-sized suitcase filled with clothing from a Sydney company called Toting for Tots.

The reason behind picking golf as the sport of choice in this particular event was that Terje felt that not only was golfing in Chiang Mai was great, especially from December to March but that the combination of the luxury sport and its purpose of helping unfortunate little children would make all the more enjoyable.

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