Tuborg Green Launch Party at dbl 0 on 15th December

‘We want to put you behind bars’ was the theme of the launch party organized by Carlsberg for Tuborg Green, one of Europe’s fastest growing premium beers for the 18-29 years old group. More than 500 party-goers turned up at dbl 0 to welcome this refreshing pilsner beer from Denmark to Singapore.
The party was an extension of the print and outdoor advertising campaign, as well as a pun on the word “bars. A specially performed skit centered around the Tuborg mascot standing trial for the murders of the bottle opners, compelte with courtroom drama provided by a judge, defence and prosecuion counsel. This was intersperesed with song, rap and dance numbers. The overall execution was similar to a mini-musical treat for the guests.
The launch venue was fashioned with bar grilles at the bar counters and all bl 0 staff were decke out in green/white striped prison outfits. Guests were also serve Tuborg Green by bartenders from behind the grilles for added realism.

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