Danish Badminton Star Still Stuck in Hospital Bed

At Gleneagles Hospital in Ampang, doctors are still trying to find out, what the Danish badminton star Peter Gade is suffering from following an extremely uncomfortable flight to Kuala Lumpur. During the flight, Peter Gade suddenly came down with an extreme headache, pain in his arms and frequent vomiting. Immediately after his arrival Saturday evening, the world’s number five player was taken to the medical room at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport and shortly after, he was admitted to the Gleneagles Hospital. By late Sunday, he was still not fit to be released.
     ”Sadly, Peter was not well enough to be released today, so he has to stay at the hospital and go through some more tests, which we will await the results from,” Denmark’s national badminton coach Steen Pedersen told the Malaysia Star on Sunday.

The Danish national team has traveled to Malaysia to participate in the premiere of the new Super Series badminton tournament, yet it remains uncertain whether or not Peter Gade – who won the Malaysian Open in 1998 – will be ready in time to play, when the first matches begin at the Kuala Lumpur Badminton Stadium in Cheras on Tuesday.
     “Peter is a bit down. He had been in good shape prior to his arrival here. In fact, everyone is shocked at this moment,” said assistant coach Thomas Stuer-Lauridsen on Monday.
     “But the good news is that Peter is recovering. He has lost a lot of fluid and he is taking a lot of water to replenish. We hope to see the redness back on his face. He should be out either tonight or tomorrow morning.”

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