Swedish Govt helps rebuild roads in Laos

Bolikhamsay province in Laos has received over 7.8 billion kip (75,000 USD) in non-refundable aid from the Swedish International Development Agency (SIDA) for repairing roads that link district centres to villages.
     The grant will in particular be used for the renovation of Road 13 South along the stretch from Thongnamy to Namsang in Pakkading district, Bolikhamsay province. Sweden is further considering providing a similar grant aid to repair Road No 8 which was badly damaged during the wet season.
     Currently, workers are repairing 18 roads in six districts in Bolikhamsay province with a combined length of 152 km including subsidiary roads between districts and villages.
     Chief of the Highway Management Department Chanh Phouphalivanh said that department was only able to make temporary repairs to roads during the wet season so that transport could continue. Currently, experts from the Highway Management Department in cooperation with the ministry are however discussing permanent repairs for damaged roads. The roadwork is expected to be completed by the end of March or at latest within this dry season, according to the Communication, Transport, Post and Construction Service.
     The Ministry of Communication, Transport, Post and Construction has designated a budget of at least 70 billion kip for the construction and renovation, including 26 projects for badly damaged roads.
     Mr Chanh Bouphaluvanh also said that the money for maintaining the roads will come from domestic sources and the International Monetary Institution will be approached. The ministry also received a large sum of grant aid from the World Bank and Asian Development Bank for roadwork.
     Roads will be repaired in Vientiane municipality, Champassak, Sayabouly, Luang Prabang and Xieng Khuang provinces.

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