Erik Winther Opens His Own Restaurant

Erik Winther – also known affectionately as ‘Budda’ by his many friends – was one of the three owners of Stable Lodge and Check Inn 99 until an accident in January this year cost him one foot.
A few month later, he sold his shares and left Stable Lodge and Check Inn 99. Most people thought he would lead a quiet life as an early retired pensioner. Well, they were wrong!
“I was so bored,” Erik laughs.
“Then I found this place and it is so perfect! I would like to make it an international meeting place within Bangkok – not only for Scandinavian people, but surely with a Scandinavian touch both in the decoration and on the menu,” he explains excitedly.
Erik also has a plan to open a’flee market’ or ‘perd tai khai khong’ once a month at the large parking zone of the restaurant where people can come and sell their second hand clothes or everything they want at a cheap price.
Bar Baska has a serving area big enough for 100 guests seated in many different corners; there is also a private dinning room for a group of people, a small stage for a live band, and a bar corner where a projector will be showing live football matches from all over the world.
“The atmosphere is like a green garden in Bali style.There is a terrace for barbecue where you can have your private barbecue party outside in the nice garden, just call one day in advance and we will fix it,” Erik promises.
Bar Baska will have international cuisine, but some popular Danish dishes will always be available, such as “Frikadeller’ fried meat ball served with home fried potatoes and thick brown sauce, or “Stegt Flaesk Med Persillesovs” thick slices of fried bacon served with boiled potatoes and white sauce mixed up with fresh parsley.
To find Bar Baska, drive straight into Ekamai Soi 22 for some 400 meters and look for the sign and parking lot on your right hand side.


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