Malaysia is Hoping for Scandinavian Tourists, but Finns are Sceptical

Tourism Deputy Minister of Malaysia, Mr. Chai is optimistic when he estimated the Scandinavians visiting Malaysia this year. The Minister is in Scandinavia in order to promote the Visit Malaysia 2007 campaign for his country. No less than 110,000 Norwegians, Danes, Swedes and Finns are to enjoy the country of longhouses and diving. But Malaysia has it downsides as long flights and transit in either Bangkok or Singapore is needed to get to Malaysia.
According to the minister’s research, 30 per cent of the tourists come to Malaysia to indulge in true ecology and another 30 per cent go to island resorts.
The aim of Visit Malaysia 2007 is to get more companies to treat their employees with trips to Malaysia, but Tuomas Mantysaari from the Finnish travel agent Matkantekijat was not thrilled of that idea.
“Malaysia is too far away”, he said. “Too long flights and transits means less time for relaxation and enjoyment”, said the Finnish representative.
“Cheap tickets to Thailand also keep many Scandinavians from Malaysia”, says Jaana Nystrom who is director of sales of Finnish travel agent Helin Matkat.

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