From Sweden to Malaysia to Meet “Who is Part of Me”

A 19-year-old Swedish girl, Marion Vik from Malmo, two weeks ago met her Malaysian Chinese father, after taking out all her savings and starting her journey half world from Sweden, as far as Australia, to Malaysia in search of a man, “who is part of me”, whom she had never met all her life.
“When I saw him, I recognized myself. It feels like a burden has been lifted off my shoulders,” said the young Swede as quoted in Bernama, Malaysian National News Agency.
“I did not waste much time … I just wanted to see him, so I came over, spending as much time as possible with him,” she continued.
Marion said her father, hails from Kota Baru in Kelantan, worked as a chef in Sweden more than 20 years ago. He met her mother, Rosa Vik, and their relationship resulted in a pregnancy.
“My father left Sweden three weeks before my birth because of my grandfather’s illness and he neither returned to Sweden nor kept in touch with my mother since then, just mentioned that he was going to make a living in Australia,” she said.
So Australia was her first destination, knowing that her father is a Malaysian there and with his name in her hand that she did not even know whether the spelling was correct or not!
Finally the grateful moment happened just before Chinese New Year, the daughter and father could make it possible on the phone with excitement with help from the Bernama’s correspondent in Melbourne Neville D’Cruz who called the first contact in a list of 25 names in Kota Baru similar to her father’s name, which happened to be her father’s brother in Kota Baru.

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