Swedish Ambassador to Thailand Talks about Equal Opportunities

The Ambassador speaks about Swedish experience of working with equal opportunities, a regional seminar on the topic ‘Women’s Quotas: How to introduce and implement them better?’
“I am glad to be speaking at the seminar on our National Day. That is a day to celebrate what is Swedish, our identity and our values. Equal opportunities between men and women are an important issue that we continuously work hard for in Sweden. I am glad to share that experience with our friends in South East Asia.” says Ambassador Jonas Hafström.
The seminar is held at Century Park Hotel, Bangkok. It is organised by Gender and Development Research Institute (GDRI) and Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung (FES).
Also on the same day the Ambassador will be on TV and radio of Thailand on the occasion of the National Day of Sweden to talk about Thai-Swedish relations, Swedish Design and flowers.

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