Danida Supports Business Project in Graphical Solutions

A time difference of five to six hours has turned out to be an essential working tool and advantage for a co-operation between eSoft Systems in Denmark and Vietnam Graphics JSC in Hanoi supported by Danida.

How does it work?
The working day starts with sketches and photos taken of houses in Denmark being sent to Vietnam in the afternoon, Danish time. The Vietnamese employees start to process the sketches and photos transferred in the morning when their Danish counterparts are sleeping.
Early afternoon in Vietnam, the finished products are sent back to Odense, Denmark where the Danish co-workers arrive at work to find the finished products electronically – ready for further electronic shipment to eager real estate agents waiting to advertise the next house for sale.
This Danish-Vietnamese cooperation is currently finalizing their B2B-supported pilot project. The partnership now enters the project phase in the B2B programme, and DKK 3.17 million has been approved for the project. In Denmark eSoft has a market share of around 30 pct. while an international expansion is under way.
Danida support comes in the form of technical training and assistance. The first phase of the project will have training in new software, new work processes and workflow. The support also covers new equipment, environmental initiatives, CSR, and export promotion.


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