Malaysia-Norway Business Council’s Annual General Meeting

The AGM was conducted by Chairman Egil Martinussen. The following members were elected to the Board: Mee Yin Soong, Dagfinn Tegnander, Sverre Stoje, Peder Bohlin, Bjarte Olsen, Basri Sulaman, Gisle Pedersen, Ariffin Salim, Oyvind Bjorkhaug, Egil Martinussen.
Egil Martinussen was elected Chairman of the Board and Mee Yin Soong was elected Vice Chairman. Ambassador Arild Braastad, the Embassy’s 1st secretary and Mr. Tuan Hai Ewe was elected as invited Board Members. SL. Ling & Co. was elected auditors for the upcoming year. Kari Aamodt is resignig as Executive Director. A successor is yet to be appointed. 

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