DiGi Encourages Malaysians to Express Their Creativity

To start, Apostrophe will roll out three unique and innovative creative arts programmes which will be held throughout this year, each running for three months. The first to be rolled out is Short Short Story, where the challenge is to write a story in no more than 16 words. This will be followed by Postcards, in which creativity is expressed in postcard sized works of art. The third programme of Apostrophe is called Short Short Film, where short filmmaking will reveal that less can indeed be more. Each of Apostrophe’s programmes challenges the conventional forms of artistic expression in innovative and different ways.
“We are simplifying the way in which Malaysians can connect with one another in expressing and appreciating creativity. The Apostrophe website will provide the young and youthful at heart a new way for creative expression that is quirky and unconventional,” said Tunku Alizakri Raja Muhammad Alias, DiGi’s Director of Strategy and Corporate Affairs.
“Apostrophe is a convenient, easily accessible and innovative platform through which any one can discover and develop their creative talents.” Tunku Alizakri added.
Adding upon this, each programme will feature a series of workshop sessions dubbed ‘Expression Sessions’. These Expression Sessions will be facilitated by selected mentors who are well-established in the particular field of creativity of each programme.
“Through Apostrophe’s programmes, we want to actively encourage and develop the creative talents of Malaysians. The Expression Sessions will bring established experts and practitioners in the creative arts arena to act as mentors and they will guide participants with their experience and creative insights through these free and accessible workshops,” Tunku Alizakri says.
Apostrophe’s first programme, Short Short Story, will run from 15 June 2007 to 24 July 2007.  The creative challenge for Short Short Story is simple: a story in 16 words or less which can be in English or Bahasa Malaysia. The top 16 entries shortlisted will be converted into unique visual art pieces. These will then be showcased at a presentation exhibition as well as profiled on the Apostrophe website. Of the 16 shortlisted submissions, six winning entries will then be selected.
Short Short Story entries will be evaluated by a panel comprising Tunku Alizakri Raja Muhammad Alias representing DiGi, writer Dina Zaman, composer/singer Mia Palencia, poet/performer Jerome Kugan and Sharon Bakar who is a certified English lecturer as well as a renowned writer who organized the Kuala Lumpur International Literary Festival.
Dina Zaman, Mia Palencia and Jerome Kugan are also the mentors who will be facilitating the Expression Sessions for the Short Short Story programme. Each personality will be sharing their works and mentorship on the art of story telling, song writing and poetry composition respectively.
“The writers of the top six Short Short Story entries will get to attend the Ubud Writers & Readers Festival in Bali in September. This will be an opportunity to elevate the exposure of our local talents outside the country through learning from a well established pool of international writers,” said Tunku Alizakri. The top six entrants will also be receiving a mobile phone.
These creative arts and vibrant ideas will be posted on a purpose-built website www.apostrophegallery.com

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