Danida Trains Vietnamese Women to Become Certified Welders

Aalborg Industries Company Ltd. now employs women in their new Marine Boiler Factory in Vietnam through DANIDA support as certified welders.
With the three-weeks intensive training DANIDA-supported in-house welding course, Vietnamese women can now obtain internationally recognized welding certificates so they can work as welders – a job that not so long ago was reserved for men only.
“I have never had a labor contract, and I have never before in my life had a health and social insurance”, tells ms. Uyen, 32 years old and continues: “It is important to me that I have got security in my life. I have both pension and access to free medical treatment.”
The female welder appreciates her job and the fact that she is receiving free training and full salary – at the same time. Ms. Uyen is now able to afford a higher living standard because of the rise in salary that she has experienced through her B2B supported work. “This would be impossible for me anywhere else”, states ms. Uyen who has never seen it as a problem being a woman in a man’s world. 
DANIDA’s B2B support to the training program will ensure that the women will continuously be trained to take on more complex jobs with Aalborg Industries Company Ltd.

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