Norwegian Government Takes Actions to Reduce Gas Emissions

The Norwegian government launches a plan to cut down greenhouse gas emissions both in Norway and abroad.
The government’s white paper, presented in June 2007, includes the world’s most ambitious climate targets:
1.Norway is to be carbon neutral by 2050, which means that all remaining emissions will be set off against emissions in other countries. 
2.Moreover, Norway will improve its responsibilities under the Kyoto Protocol by 10 per cent.
3.By 2020, global emissions of greenhouse gases are set to be reduced by the equivalent of 30 per cent of Norway’s emissions in 1990.
Norway seeks to accomplish the goals by substantial reduction of its own emissions and by paying for cuts in other countries. The 10 extra per cent of Kyoto will be pulled off by reductions outside Norway.
“Our white paper confirms Norway’s position as a leading nation with regard to climate policy. The most important action we can take to reduce global emissions will be to serve as a driving force in the efforts to develop a new, more comprehensive international agreement on climate change. At the same time we ourselves will make substantial cuts in greenhouse gas emissions both at home and abroad,” says Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg.

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