New Danish Trainee at Danish-Thai Chamber of Commerce

Cecilia Hansen, 25, from Copenhagen, Denmark, will be working as trainee at the Danish-Thai Chamber of Commerce for the next six months. She holds a bachelor degree in anthropology and is now doing her graduate studies in Culture, Communication and Globalization focusing on the cultural aspects of business.
The motivation to apply for the position was Cecilia’s interest in the intercultural meeting in international business settings. She looks forward to getting practical experience with working in an international organization like the Chamber and hopes to be able to focus some of her tasks on the importance of culture in business. Thus, Cecilia aspires to contribute to her own academic development as well as the work of the Chamber and hereby also the Danish companies operating in Thailand.
As Cecilia has never been to Thailand before she is planning to see more of the country as well as the region and looks forward to taking up the challenge of adapting to a new culture

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