Two Swedish Passengers injured in Phuket Plane Crash – updated as we know it

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17.09.07 00.28

50 Foreigners among 87 killed in Phuket plane crash. Of the 43 survivors, 15 are Thais and 28 foreigners.
    Deputy Transport Minister Sansern Wongchaum earlier said that there were 78 foreigners on board. Tourists from Australia, Austria, Britain, Iran, Ireland, Italy, Sweden and the Netherlands were being treated at main provincial hospitals.
    One survivor told of a fast drop in altitude by the airplane and sudden brief jerk upward. He said they plane then crashlanded and exploded. He saw several fellow passengers on fire.
    It was not immediately clear if the pilot, who was reportedly killed, was attempting to pull the aircraft up in the last minute when it crashlanded. He had reportedly been allowed to circle the airport to wait for improvement in weather conditions.
    An official at the Phuket Airport control tower, who asked not to be named, said the pilot had been told of bad weather conditions, especially very strong winds. Shortly before the illfated flight crashlanded, another lowcost airliner originating from Hong Kong had successfully touched down, he said.
    Officials said victims could have died on impact, or from suffocation or fire resulting from explosions. According to an initial account, the plane’s fuselage was torn open in the accident, some of the survivors were those thrown out through the opening.
    Like several other airlines, One Two Go has reportedly undergone manpower changes. The boss of One Two Go and Orient Thai budget airlines, Udom Tantisprongchai, is said to have replaced several of his Western and Thai pilots – allegedly to cut costs and reduce the chance of work disputes with crews such as Indonesian and Philippine pilots.
    However, authorities insisted it was too soon to presume anything, including whether human errors played a part in the tragedy. Certain reports said the pilot was given permission to abort the landing in the final minutes.   

The dead lists still waiting to be confirmed.
16.09.07  22.06
Below is the passenger list of the 12Go aircraft.
Apart from the two known Swedish survivors, another two passengers among the dead have possibly Swedish names.
Ms. Linnea Sandberg and
Mr. Simon Jonsson Storkamp.

16.09.07 21.48
87 bodies are found and 78 of them are identified, 43 injured. So far the only Scandinavians reported to be on board are 26 years old Christopher Marken and Erik Nihlen from Sweden who experienced minor injuries.

16.09.07 21.26
Deputy Phuket Governor Worapot Rattasima said a total of 74 bodies found at the crash site, 14 still missing and 42 survived. Updated list of injured passengers in Phuket as following:

Bangkok-Phuket Hospital

1.Mr Gilles Thibud – France
2.Mr Lamere Maurice, 23 – France
3.Mr Inntrn Burket, 23 – Ireland

Vachira Phuket Hospital

1. Sawitree Dani

2. Bare Bercom

3. Apichart Bata

Siriroj – Phuket Hospital

1. Likhit Liengpansakul – ICU

2. Parinwit Choosaeng – ICU

3. Chainarong maharae – ICU

4. Apichart Pata

5. Eric Nihlen (Sweden)

6. Christopher Marken (Sweden)

7. Nong Kaonual

8. Ladda Kaonual

9. Pratin Lienchamroon

10. Sara (unknown surname) (Netherland) 

16.09.07 20.32
Bangkok-Phuket Hospital is now treating 30 injured passengers from One-Two-Go plane crash incident. Seven Thais and Twenty-three foreigners: Five are severely injured, three severely burnt and two with broken bones. There are 24 men, six women and 28 of them has to be hospitalized.
    Foreigners injured in Bangkok-Phuket Hospital divided by nationalities are British(8), German(4), Irish(3), Iran(3), Austrian(1), Australian(1) and Italian(1). According to Bangkok-Phuket Hospital the first injured passenger arrived the hospital at 16.41.

Tables below are details of injured passengers at Bangkok-Phuket Hospital.

Bangkok Phuket Hospital 7:51:47 PM
HN No Name Gender Age Nationality
17:49 05-00-011951 BORLAND  ROBERT MR. Male 48 AUSTRALIAN (ออสเตรเลีย) -ออสเตรเลีย Superficial injury of head
17:03 05-00-012498 วิชชุพล  สิงหะพล นาย Male 25 THAI Superficial injury of head
17:51 05-07-020517 JOHN GERARD  O’DONNELL MR. Male 50 IRISH (สาธารณรัฐไอร์แลนด์) -ยุโรป Superficial injury of head
16:58 05-07-022513 ไพบูลย์  ผาพันธ์ นาย Male 39 THAI Superficial injury of head
17:00 05-07-022514 CHRISTOPH  FALCHETTI MR. Male 36 GERMAN (เยอรมัน) – ยุโรป Sprain and strain of joints and ligaments of other and unspecified parts of neck
17:01 05-07-022515 MILDRED ANNE  FURLONG MS. Female 23 CANADIAN (แคนาดา) -อเมริกาเหนือ Muscle strain
17:02 05-07-022516 MARCEL  SQUINOBAL MR. Male 37 AUSTRIAN (ออสเตรีย) -ยุโรป Superficial injury of head
17:20 05-07-022517 BENJAMIN  ZACHARY  GREEN MR. Male 24 BRITISH (อังกฤษ) -ยุโรป Superficial injury of head
17:07 05-07-022518 PETER JAMES  HILL MR. Male 35 BRITISH (อังกฤษ) -ยุโรป Superficial injury of head
17:08 05-07-022519 CLAUS BENJAMIN  VOIGTMANN MR. Male 24 GERMAN (เยอรมัน) – ยุโรป Superficial injury of head
17:10 05-07-022520 CLEMENS  ROTHMANN MR. Male 27 GERMAN (เยอรมัน) – ยุโรป Superficial injury of head
17:11 05-07-022521 ASHLEY SCOTT  HARROW MR. Male 27 BRITISH (อังกฤษ) -ยุโรป Superficial injury of head
17:14 05-07-022522 CLAUDIA  ROTHMANN MISS. Female 25 GERMAN (เยอรมัน) – ยุโรป Superficial injury of head
17:17 05-07-022523 MARYAU  MIRTAHERI MRS. Female 34 IRANIAN (อิหร่าน) -ตะวันออกกลาง
17:18 05-07-022524 MAHSA  FATOORECHI MRS. Female 39 BRITISH (อังกฤษ) -ยุโรป Fracture of rib
17:20 05-07-022525 MENRDHU  KIYANI MISS. Female 6 IRANIAN (อิหร่าน) -ตะวันออกกลาง
17:22 05-07-022526 CLAUS BENJAMIN  VOIGTMANN MR. Male 24 DUTCH (เนเธอร์แลนด์) -ยุโรป Superficial injury of head
17:25 05-07-022527 RED2  (ชาวต่างชาติ) MS. Female 30 BRITISH (อังกฤษ) -ยุโรป
17:29 05-07-022528 HASHEM  PARVIZ MR. Male 40 IRANIAN (อิหร่าน) -ตะวันออกกลาง Superficial injury of head
17:31 05-07-022529 HASHAM  MADIA MISS. Female 5 IRANIAN (อิหร่าน) -ตะวันออกกลาง Open wound of eyelid and periocular area with or without involvement of lacrimal passages
17:36 05-07-022530 MOVAHED ABBAS  KIYANI MR. Male 37 ITALIAN (อิตาลี) -ยุโรป Superficial injury of head
17:40 05-07-022531 CHRISTOPHER  COOLEY MR. Male 23 BRITISH (อังกฤษ) -ยุโรป
17:41 05-07-022532 RED6  (ชาวไทย) นางสาว Female 22 THAI
17:43 05-07-022533 ปรวิทย์  มหาทรัพย์ นาย Male 41 THAI Superficial injury of head
17:56 05-07-022534 WILLIAM  BURKE MR. Male 23 BRITISH (อังกฤษ) -ยุโรป Superficial injury of head
18:02 05-07-022535 RED7  (ชาวต่างชาติ) MR. Male 30 BRITISH (อังกฤษ) -ยุโรป
18:24 05-07-022536 VLADIMIR  FREYLIKHMAN MR. Male 29 ISRAELISH Superficial injury of head
18:26 05-07-022537 ISABELLA  FREYLIKHMAN MS. Female 28 ISRAELISH Superficial injury of head
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