Danish Gymnastics and Sports Associations Will Visit Vietnam

During the week of “Denmark at its Best” 12-16 November, the largest Danish joint organization, Danish Gymnastics and Sports Associations (DGI), will visit Vietnam with their “Badminton Inspiration team” to conduct workshops and play friendly matches i.e. in the streets.
The 8 players and 2 managers of “Badminton Inspiration team” will conduct several workshops during their stay, in which it is intended to share thoughts and ideas on sport and playing techniques with the Vietnamese.
By telling about the organization of sports in Denmark and the importance of voluntary associations, there is basis for some interesting discussions about the role of various actors such as civil society in sport activities.
Sport in Denmark is to a great extent a matter of voluntary sports associations. Of a population of 5.2 million, approx. 2 million Danes do sports in one of 14.000 associations.
It is an official political objective in Denmark that sport is for everyone expressed in parallel efforts both for the elite and the masses. Through practicing sports in an association, the members will learn how to value other people and how to see themselves as parts of a fellowship – in the association itself or the society in general.
The sports association is a possibility for people to be together, to share experiences, to learn how to assume responsibility for others, and to influence their own lives.
Since it is obvious when strolling the streets of Vietnam that sport and exercising is crucial for the Vietnamese people, the Danish team will meet the Vietnamese on the streets of Hanoi to play friendly matches.
The interest in badminton and sport in Vietnam badminton is high, and hopefully the exchange of ideas between the both professional and amateur players and other participants in the workshops will be fruitful.

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