Danish Milk Giant Arla Enters Vietnam

On 1 November 2007, Denmark’s largest milk supplier Arla Foods Ingredients launched its new milk product for children, Milex, at a successful gala event in Hanoi.
Under pomp and circumstances Denmark’s Arla Foods Ingredients introduced their new milk product for children, Milex, to the Vietnamese society in Hanoi with a gala event at the Ly Cub in Hanoi. The specially invited guests and media representatives were met by smiling Danish and Vietnamese children, classical music and motion pictures from agriculture in Denmark.
Everyone with expertise in the field of health and nutrition for children was invited to welcome the new product from Arla, Milex. At the gala launch reception speeches were made by the Danish Ambassador, Mr. Peter Lysholt Hansen, and Deputy Director, Dr. Nguyen Thi Lam, National Institute of Nutrition. Both welcomed Arla products to Vietnam.
While Dr. Lam stressed the need for better nutrition for Vietnamese children, the Ambassador commemorated his Danish childhood when Arla products were key part of his diet. According to Peter Lysholt Hansen the entry of Arla into the Vietnamese is an indicator that Vietnam is fast becoming a very  interesting market for consumer products.
Arla Foods Ingredients’ executive director, Mr. Frede Juulsen made an overall presentation of Arla Foods demonstrating how Vietnam plays an important role in Arla’s global strategy aiming to further strengthen the Danisk dairy giant who is the no. 1 supplier of dairy products in the European market. 
Mr. Claus Pedersen, head of Arla Foods Ingredients’ office in Vietnam, introduced the Milex products which have specially developed for the Vietnamese market. The new product is a milk powder for children from newly borns up to the age of 7. It is a product that has the children’s needs and health in focus and gives children the nutrition they need for growth. The first products from Arla Foods are now arriving in stores in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi.
After enjoying a short performance starring Vietnamese and Danish children as well as delicacies from Vietnam and Denmark, the guests left with a smile and good impression of Arla Foods.

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