Norwegian Artist Big Success In China

Singapore-based artist, Oistein Kristiansen from Norway, is spreading his love for drawing to children in China.
His hands-on exhibition in Shanghai has proved to be such a hit that it is now being extended.
All it takes is a simple squiggle to start drawing, and that is how Oistein Kristiansen hopes to inspire young visitors at the “Get the World to Draw” exhibition which is being held at the Shanghai Duolun Museum of Modern Art.
It was originally supposed to last four days but it was extended by five days because of popular demand.
The artist’s colourful pictures and the hands-on activities have proved to be a hit with the 3,000 youngsters who have attended the exhibition.
One youngster said, “I like this exhibition because it’s very colorful.”
Another said, “There are so many pictures and they’re all so pretty.”
Oistein recently launched a children’s art programme in Shanghai called TUTULE, which in Chinese means happy drawing.
It is similar to his series on MediaCorp TV 12’s Kids Central in Singapore.
“I was hoping for a good turnout but this was just overwhelming. It’s been incredible. The fact that the TV show has been aired for just a few weeks, and I’m already a big star! – I never expected this,” Oistein Kristiansen says.


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