Missing: Six Year Old Swedish Girl Abducted To Asia By Father

A two week vacation turned into currently nine months of separation from her mother for six year old Swedish girl, Alicia Elfversson.
The mother of Alicia, Maria Elfversson, held a press conference in Bangkok at the Rembrandt Hotel on Monday March 17th, trying to raise awareness of the situation in the hopes that somebody will recognize her little daughter and her father, Torgeir Nordbo, who are believed to be in Cambodja or one of the surrounding countries.
Torgeir Nordbo picked up Alicia on June 4th at Maria Elfversson’s home in Gothenborg, Sweden, for a two week vacation in his homeland of Norway. Maria Elfversson has neither seen nor heard from her daughter since.
In stead of taking his daughter on the promised vacation, he drove all the way through Europe, to Morocco, from where the two of them flew to Asia, and eventually wounded up in Cambodia, where they were last spotted.
Torgeir Nordbo and little Alicia are both wanted by Interpol, and Torgeir Nordbo is facing abduction charges in Sweden. He has been charged in his absence.
It is stressed that this is not an ordinary custody dispute, as Torgeir Nordbo and Maria Elfversson were never married, and as Torgeir Nordbo has never asked for joint custody of the couple’s young daughter.
Maria Elfversson and her sister, Anna, is currently in Bangkok. They came here to look for Alicia, as it is highly likely that Torgeir has taken her across the Cambodian border to Thailand, where he has business connections in Pattaya in the Jomtien area.
Maria Elfversson has issued a reward in the amount of 10.000 US dollars for information that can lead to the recovery of her daughter. Any information you may hold can be forwarded to Maria Elfversson by e-mail: [email protected] or to your local police authorities. Information can also be forwarded to Interpol via website: http://www.interpol.int/ – any tip can be the defining one.
Follow this link to see the video of the reward issued: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rGAq1yyNVAs


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