Suspect in Murder of Swedish Tourist Identified

31 year old Ackaradet Tunkea known as Chon or Saichon has been identified as the murderer of Swedish tourist, Hanna Charlotta Backlund. His permanent address has been leaked by as being 26/13 Moo 5 tha Chatchai, Talang District in Phuket. 
Police investigators in the murder of Swedish tourist, Hanna Charlotta Backlund, are now looking for Ackaradet in two specific places. His recidence in Phuket and a non-communicated area in Ranong.
The police have 12 witnesses, who can place the suspect at the crime scene at the time of the murder. 
The police are confident that they are on the lead of the murderer of Hanna Charlotta Backlund, confirms sources at Phuket Tourist Police.
The body of Hanna Charlotta Backlund was found at Mai Khao Beach on Saturday morning.
The police have not confirmed reports that the wounds inflicted on Hanna Charlotta Backlund’s body were made by a knife similar to those used by local fishermen.
Hanna had been staying at the Mai Khao Beach Resort with friend Emma Storman, who found her body 300 meters from the resort. According to police, the victim died from stab wounds to her neck and body.


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