Alvar Aalto’s Works Displayed In Hanoi

An exhibition of unique work by Finnish world renowned architect and
designer Alvar Aalto was opened 23. April 2008 in Hanoi.
    The show,
titled ‘Alvar Aalto Houses – Timeless Expressions’, presents 17 out of 100
single family houses designed by Alvar Aalto which form a varied and
interesting component of his extensive output. Buildings are presented through
a selection of photographs, architectural drawings and scale models. The
primary focus is on Aalto’s humane approach to spaces for living with examples
from different stylistic periods 1924-1972.
exhibition presents also a variety of furniture and other objects by Aalto. They
are designed according to his principles that 
the interior design and furnishings had to be in harmony with the
architectural style of the building.
architecture is marked by warm humanity and strong individuality. His buildings
derive their special aesthetic character from their dynamic relationship with
their natural surroundings, their human scale, superbly executed details,
unique treatment of materials and ingenious use of lighting. Besides buildings
and town plans he created also furniture, glassware, jewellery and other forms
of art.
considered as a master of modern architecture, Alvar Aalto had a strong belief
in the future and a desire to improve the world as he wrote that
“Architecture cannot save the world, but it can set a good example”.
exhibition, which is jointly organised by the Embassy of Finland and the
Vietnam Association of Architects, runs until May 1 at VietArt Centre, 42 Yet
Kieu street, Hanoi and will continue from May
12-16 in Ho Chi Minh City.

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