The 4th Koh Larn Mountainbike Challenge

Mountain Bike Association with Pattaya city joining to organize Koh Larn Mountain Bike 2008, June14- 15 2008, in the patronage of His Majesty the King to promote tourism of Koh Larn.
    Mr.Wachirawich Gud-Glang, Koh Larn district chief, held a meeting among the committee to organize and prepare for the readiness of Koh Larn Mountain Bike 2008.
    Mr. Wachirawich stated that Mountain Bike Challenge has been an interesting event for all people who care about their health and the environment. In the previous years, there were many cyclists joining the challenge. Therefore, Pattaya city office of Koh Larn has specified the date for the 4th Koh Larn Mountain Bike 2008 on June 14 – 15 on Sa-Mae beach, to compete for a trophy of HR Somdet Pratep.
    This mountain bike event is to help promoting tourism for Koh Larn and conserving the environment in order to make it well known among mountain bike cyclists. Besides, it is to emphasize to the people to help saving the energy and natural resources to reduce global warming effect including reducing air and noise pollution. It is also promoting sport activities in order to keep the youth to stay away from drugs as well.


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