Danish Actor Nicolas Bro In The film ”Soi Cowboy”

Today spectators, a few thousand journalists and filmmakers will watch his performance as ”Tobias” in English Thomas Clays film ”Soi Cowboy”, writes the Danish newspaper Politiken.
    The film will be shown twice at Cannes’ second largest theater Salle Debussy.
    It happens, with Nicolas Bro currently filming in Iceland.
    Because of his work in Iceland, Nicolas Bro do not in Cannes to promote ”Soi Cowboy”. We captured him, however, on a mobile phone, which he explains how he ended up in this movie:
    ”I had met Thomas Clay to a film festival in Spain, where he showed his first feature film”.
    “Later he saw’ Offscreen ‘on filmfestivalen in London, and seemed obvious that I was the right to play Tobias in his new films.
     “Soi Cowboy” is an incredibly detailed and very stagnant thriller in predominantly black and white, which played out in Thailand.
    You find a big, thick Dane in Bangkok with a slender pregnant Thai girl. They live together in a near-total silence. And she is not much for his sexual overtures.
    But the Thai girl needs Tobias to protect her from having to work in ”Soi Cowboy”, which is a red ligth street in Bangkok, Thailand.
    90 minutes in to the two-hour long film turns from black and white to color. And now played out a bloody history from a rural area, where a young guy forced to decapitate his big brother and bring his head to a mafiaboss in Bangkok.
    “Shooting of the movie last October in Thailand was an incredibly sweaty game”, remember Nicolas Bro.
    “The recording was only a month. But it was some demented long days. Usually, we worked between 15 and 17 hours a day in excruciating moist heat”, the Danish actor tells Politiken.
    ”And I’m obviously Thomas Clays alter ego in the film. For he was continuing to dress me out in the same terrible clothes, which he walks around”,says Nicolas Bro with a big mockery through mobile phone from Reykjavik to Politiken.

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