Danish Victim Of Another Break-in In Pattaya.

House and condo break-ins are on the increase here in Pattaya. It is thought that due to sharp increases in the cost of living here in Thailand, many are turning to a life of crime to supplement their incomes.
    This break-in, which occurred in the early hours of Wednesday Morning, comes from an apartment in Soi Yensabai in South Pattaya. The complex, which is owned by a Police Officer, luckily is fitted with CCTV cameras allowing the victim of the break-in.
    Mr. Nicolas Noregaard aged 31 from Denmark, who resides on the fourth floor, along with Police to examine footage around the time of the suspected break-in. Two men of Eastern European origin, carrying bags apparently owned by the victim, checked into the hotel in the early hours of Wednesday Morning and staff identified one of the men as Mr. Antonio Ivanova from Slovenia.
    A copy of his passport, used during check-in was kept by reception staff and is now in the hands of Police, who suspect that the men committed the robbery and then checked-in to the Hotel. Two laptop computers, a Nokia N95 Mobile Phone and 10,000 Baht in cash were stolen by the two suspects and for now the two men have disappeared. Police, who think they are still in Pattaya, are now searching for them.

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