Danish Movie Star: Drop The Danish Women- And Take A Young Thai

Go to Thailand and find a
proper girl, is the crystal-clear recommendation from Klaus Pagh, who is
celebrating the one-year-wedding anniversary with his 44 years younger Thai
wife, called Nancy,
writes the Danish tabloid Ekstra Bladet.
    With four marriages and a sea of celebre conquests in his baggage, there could
be good reason to listen, when Klaus Pagh start sharing his opinion on the
“weaker” sex.
    And despite an age difference or gab of 44 years, the Danish actor is so happy
with the marriage that he will send the following call to the huge part of
Danish men, who lives alone:
    “I would highly recommend Danish bachelors to go to Thailand and find a nice girl.
Danish women are so busy to show the man that they are the ones who decide.
They will be the directors of the home. That’s not like that with Thai women.
    “They are real feminine, sweet and smiling. In fact, they, are like the Danish
women were in the good old days”, says the announcement by Pagh. In fact, the
actor who could choose Danish partners for 10 minutes or 10 years, as he
wanted, is a little tired with women who focus on their own carrier, not to
forget the feminist:
    “The Thai women are smarter than the Danish. Don’t worry; They will get with
you as they want, without you discover it. Eventually, you have to give in and do
as they want, and you will do it with pleasure”, he notes.
    And you don’t have to study 72-year-old Danish movie star an entire week, to
accept that there is no doubt that the relationship with the 28-year-old Nancy fits the ageing womanizer
very well:
    “It is wonderful. Magnificent. This marriage is just so fucking fantastic. I am
so happy for her. An old man like me can’t ask for more than to be taken care
of by a sweet young girl. I feel that she really likes me, and it is mutual. We
like each other equally”, declare Klaus Pagh, who do not see the big age gab as
a problem:
    “It is perhaps a problem for our environment, but not for us. I do not know
what people think. There is no one, saying anything directly to me or Nancy”.
    “The few of my friend who are not died from drinking – I am joking – has
embraced my wife. They are women aged 50-60, but they are sweet to her, and I
am happy.
    Nancy joins Danish
lessons, and is taking driving licence. According to Klaus Pagh his 28-year-old
wife in high class villa in Hellerup:
    “Otherwise, for sure she was gone for good. Nancy
is happy to be in Denmark.
I think that she will stay here in Denmark, after my final departure.
    Although the marriage, according to Klaus Pagh, is roaring, he has assured he’s
million own fortune a marriage. Thus, it’s the Pagh´s three children who will inherit
the values from he’s carrier as an actor and as a producer of theatre and movies
when he dies.
    On the
other hand, it’s quite easy for Nancy to see the
opportunity of an economic reward, if she is faithful to his 44 years older
    “If Nancy remains
with me in a number of years, her future is secured financially. She will have
so much money, which will actually make her a wealthy woman, considered that
she is a Thai”, Klaus Pagh already in an earlier interview with Ekstra Bladet.


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