Thai Prostitution In Denmark: A Tight-lipped Society

Thai women occur in thousands of sex for money adds, but none of them want or
are ready to speak with the press, writes the Danish Newspaper Nordjyske.
    Two journalist form the daily try to press the buzzer to a basement flat in the
centre of Aalborg. A pair of almond-brown eyes
appears at a glimpse between the venetian blinds. The beautiful eyes are cheeking
up on the visitors.
    “Yes …?
What you want”? Ask a small Thai lady with a light voice.
    She is dressed in long trousers and jacket. An outfit fitting better to a
shopping trip to the nearest supermarket, than to the sex industry.
    Behind the women, the two reporters succeed to recognise a mattress and four
other Thai-looking girls.
    The two guests explain in one sentence, that they are journalists, and
immediately sound a strident, but certainly cascade of no-no-no from the back
of the room. The door is slammed and a click reveals that the door is locked
    And that’s the reality show from the very special trade. Although the Thai girls
are easy to find in ads, it is almost impossible to find anyone that will tell
just a little bit about themselves. 
    “They are used to take care of them self’s and will be very suspicious if you
say you want to help them”, says social worker in the founder of Kompetencecenter
Prostitution, Vibeke Stad.
    The last few years, she has been visiting prostitutes at massage parlours in Denmark. It
took her half years before she got even the slightest contact with the first
Thai girls in Aalborg. And although she now
has contacts with many ethnic Danish prostitutes, it is still only a few of the
five or maybe six Thai massage parlours in the area, which opens the doors for
    A place in Aalborg East reveals a large sign in the window that “we are open”
and, according to an ad in the tabloid Ekstra it’s a matter of around
the clock, seven days a week.
    It’s the other way around with the Danish girls who usually work on a schedule
while the Thai Parlours simply are ready with their nursing when the costumers
feel it convenient.
    But that does not mean that there will be more money in the box.
    “I doubt very much that Thai girls have more customers than the Danish girls
who work on schedules. The Thais just have another clientele who come at other
times, says Vibeke Stad.
    The two reporters from the daily press a white buzzer whit a red heart sticker above
and a little friendlier Thai lady open the door.
    Her black hair waves beyond her naked shoulders, standing restless in her black
sateen nightdress.
    “I have lived here for 15 years and three years ago, I was separated from my
Danish husband she tells in Danish.
    Many Thai girls are Danish married, the vast majority has work and residence
permits, and more traditional work in their “spare time”. A large part of the
money made in the massage parlours they send to families back home a the poor

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