Swedish Family Killed In The Philippines

Late Saturday night discovered the neighbours the body’s of the Swedish family,
who was shot and killed in their own home on the island
of Cebu in the Philippines, writes Expressen.se.
    When the police and the fire brigade came to the house, they were met by two
burned bodies that now have been identified as a Swedish pensioner (61) and his
Philippine wife (35). At the floor were the remains of the couples five-year-old
daughter and two-year-old son.
    The police in Cebu have now arrested five
people to interrogation.
    “The people in question, is a neighbour and some people who worked for
61-year-old. We will interrogate them today, either as witnesses, or as
suspects. However, there are no witnesses to the incident, “says the chief
of the investigation Antonio Sanchez to Aftonbladet.se.
    The police operate with two possible motives for the merciless killings. Whether
it should have been a robbery, but it could also have been a matter of getting
    “61-year-old has borrowed money to the local population, and the murder may have
something to do with this”, says Sanchez to Aftonbladet.se.


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