Vietnamese Welders Needed In Finland

A couple of dozen welders from Vietnam
arrives in Österbotten in the autumn as an important part of local business
projects. It is intended that the welders will be employed by to firms in Southern Österbotten, writes the finnish newspaper Vasabladet.
    “The Österbottians went to Hanoi
to solicit welders with the purpose of searching for welders”, says Asko
Peltola, an executive, from the southern Österbotten. He says that the
initiative to look for welders abroad from local entrepreneurs.
    “The idea is that these people are also staying in Finland and maybe even their family
comes after at any stage, “says Peltola.
    In Southern Österbotten, it has so far not
been so much manpower from abroad. Asko Peltola says that it will try to help
the welders who arrive in the autumn to align them self’s with all possible
means. The hope is that the Vietnamese will be able to participate in the life
of Österbotten, in other ways than just work from seven to four.
    “At the moment there is dozens of job vacancies for welders around Finland, but the
jobs are unwanted. But what is the point of taking them from
literally from the other side of the Earth”?

    “Of course, Vietnam
is far away, but it is sensible to get workers from the country, as employers
are prepared to receive them from. In Southern Österbotten,
there are good possibilities to be able to receive them, “says Cronberg.


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