Swedish Man Shot In The Philippines

The man, originally from Blekinge has been more than 20 years a resident of the

    He was on Tuesday July 1, 2008 in afternoon on his way home with his wife when
he was attacked.
    “A man was suddenly in front of my husband and began to shoot, “says the
victim’s wife to the Swedish tabloid Expressen.
    The man hit by four shots – in the abdomen, back and both arms.
His wife was shocked at the shooting.
    “I just screamed that it should stop before I rushed up to my husband”.
    With severe gunshot wounds were Swede to hospital – where he completed a
six-hour operation.
    “He has woken up now, but is still very tired and takes medicine after the
operation, “says his wife from the hospital.
    During the
night he woke up miraculously up in a hospital in the Philippines.
    She notes gladly that her husband had guardian angel.
    “He has had incredible luck and will be fully restored. They think that he can
leave intensive care soon”.
    The police in the region – Leo Puerto Llanoano – say they are sure who the
perpetrator is after the Swedish victims wife were able to point him out:
    “This case is resolved. We are sure about who shot the Swedish man, and we have
finished our report”, says Llanoano.
    He does not want to go into the motive for the deed in details, but says:
    “The suspect was previously the owner of the house and land, before the victim
bought from him”.

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