Danish Football School Forced To Cancel 75% Of Its Courses

The Football School witch should have been held over two weeks in early July, with two courses in each of the weeks, ended up as something of an anticlimax. Where it had planned with four groups divided into suiting ages, it all ended up in just one course, with a group of about 10 players, where the youngest was around eight, and the oldest having a shadow of a moustache, and furthermore, was 10 cm higher than the well known UEFA coach, Danish Peter Rasmussen.
    “It is a bit of a disappointment. It certainly can not be denied. Something has gone completely wrong right from the beginning of the project,” explains Peter Rasmussen, who actually was the man behind the idea which occurred when he was on a private visit to the country of smiles a few years ago.
    He would like to return to Bangkok, and with experience from several football schools for junior players on Lanzarote, it was quite obvious what the reason to come back, should be. A football school of course.
One of his best friends, Lars Londal, who is already an very active and successful businessman in Bangkok, took care of the practical affairs, and thus was part of making the new project Bangkok Football School a reality.
The courses for the two youngest age groups were set from Monday June 30, 2008, and the two oldest groups then shared a week from Monday, July 7, 2008.
When Peter Rasmussen landed in Bangkok, he came to the cancellation of the entire first week. Second week was still uncertain, but organizers hoped to be able to run both a course starting in the morning and another one after lunch. It would take some compromises with age.
“It has surely gone completely wrong,” explains Peter Rasmussen to Scandasia.com when he deeply frustrated and annoyed finish the first day of training to take pictures of himself, his assistants, and the half-dozen of all ages, that ended up with having only the morning course.
“Invitations were sent out to 20 to 30 international schools. But one of the problems is that the first week of our activities was placed at a time when the school holidays had not yet started. The players, who should have played, joked and laughed with us, were still taking care of their school work”. 
Asked, what could possibly be a way out of the sad experience, Peter Rasmussen says that he and the organizers have to sit down, talk it all through, and then assess whether there is a basis to start again from the very beginning.
And to make the whole situation a little more difficult to understand for the Danish soccer coach, there was a similar school, with a team filled with happy “same age” children on the track right next to the one they were using. At times during the day, the voices of the happy children from the competing school even managed to drown out Peter Rasmussen’s instructions.

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