Suspected Of Murdering Four Swedes – At Least Arrested

Niel Cabunillas, 30, worked as a foreman for the murdered Swedish family in the
Yesterday, he was arrested by the police. He is suspected of the murder of the
    It was late in the Midsummer as the Swedish family was killed on the Philippine
island of Cebu. The 61-year-old Swede, his
35-year-old Filipino wife, their two-year son and the five-year daughter was attached at home on the farm.
    The Swede and his wife were killed first. Then the dead body’s was burned.
The children were burned too, after the entire house was burning.
    Niel Cabunillas had worked for the family since February last year.
    When the Swedish tabloid Expressen arrived at the scene of the four doubled murder three
days after the murder, he expressed his sad feeling and had tears in he’s eyes.
And he talked about how he had seen the house burn down.
It was also what he told the police. But the police are now convinced that it
was a lie.
    “We have a witness who says that Niel in May said he planned to kill the family”,
a local police source say.
    “We also know that the suspected man often came to the family home. He should have
tried to rape the family’s housekeeper twice and he knew that the family
planned dismisses him.
    When Niel Cabunillas yesterday came to the police station in Sibonga, he was
pointed out by a witness and was therefore arrested.
    “He seemed not at all surprised”, says police source. It was like if he had expected
    Niel Cabunillas will be taken to court tomorrow I Cebu City. There the suspected
will formally be accused of the murder of four people. A crime that will give a
minimum of 20 years in prison according to the laws in the Philippines.
    The foreman has so far refused to comment on the allegations. Police
Commissioner Noli Cernio, however, is hopeful that he will recognize, and
possibly point the finger at more accomplices.
    “I find it
hard to believe that he alone carried out the crime. I think there were two or
three people”, he says.

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