Norwegian Sandy Nicholas Stuvik Qualifies For World Championship

Nicholas Stuvik Norway/ Thailand wins
the 4th round and qualifies for World Championship. Yes. It was all to go for
this weekend as Sandy
again was very fast in early practice and the kart set up was perfected for wet,
intermediate and dry conditions. The newly renovated Bira Circuit would though
be sunny and perfect for intense racing all of Sunday.
qualifying Sandy secured pole position with a
margin of almost 3 tenths to the second placed kart and the team knew that the
driver and kart set up was as strong as ever. In the first heat Sandy immediately pulled
out a lead and pushed hard the first few laps to break away from the chasing
    He took the chequered flag a good 6 seconds ahead. The second heat was
much like the first again, but a mechanical drive problem saw Sandy struggling out of the corners, but he
still managed to open a lead and take the chequered flag in first place.
    Sandy launched hard from the second the
lights went out and never looked back. He soon opened up a huge lead and could
control the race with a nice “cushion” between himself and the
chasing karts. And then he actually looked back a lot. Every time the so called
competitors came to close he just gave it the little extra, needed to “walk”
    This race
win means that Sandy now is guaranteed to be
amongst the top 2 drivers in the Rok Junior Class and thereby will be going to
South Garda, Italy
for the World Finals later this year.







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