Saxo Bank Announces New Top Leadership Team

In an
organizational restructuring of its top management, Saxo Bank has appointed
Eric Rylberg and Karsten Poulsen to two new positions as Chief Executive
Director and Deputy Chief Executive Director. While remaining joint CEOs and
keeping all formal responsibilities, Kim Fournais and Lars Seier Christensen
will leave the daily tasks of running the bank to the two new appointees with
the Senior Executive Management group reporting to them.
above the minutia of the daily operation, Kim Fournais and Lars Seier
Christensen will focus on the strategic direction of Saxo Bank with growth and
expansion as their primary interest and responsibility.

Bank has reached a point and a size at which it seems natural to recruit two
experienced professionals who have been accustomed to running a big
international corporation,” the two CEOs said in a joint statement. “We
are by no means retiring, but by realizing an old plan, we are only disengaging
ourselves from the routines of the day-to-day operation, and will, of course,
remain as involved in developing the bank as always.”

    In choosing
Rylberg and Poulsen for the new positions, Fournais and Seier Christensen
focused on their established track record and extraordinary experience with
streamlining and developing very efficient and profitable businesses. It has
provided them with a set of professional competencies and skills that are
particularly useful for Saxo Bank at this stage of its development.

simply need their help to get to the next stage – transforming Saxo Bank into a
truly global operation,” the two CEOs said. “We have experienced
rapid growth from 437 employees by the end of 2005 to almost 1400 today. To get
Rylberg and Poulsen on board and let them streamline and optimize our global
operation just seems to be the perfect match for us.”
    Rylberg og
Poulsen were introduced to the Senior Executive Management group earlier today
and will be meeting with staff in Copenhagen and Saxo Bank’s regional offices
around the world, including Singapore, over the next few weeks.

have followed the growth and development of Saxo Bank closely and I can only
say that I feel privileged that I, together with Karsten Poulsen, have been
asked to guide the bank through the next stages of its future growth and
development,” Eric Rylberg said. “Saxo Bank is already now in a
league of its own, and I see tremendous potential in an organization that in
such a short time has become a leader in its field. Our task will be to
consolidate the organisation and secure the bank’s position as a leader and
trend setter in the global capital markets.”

    As the
former CEO and CFO of ISS, a global service company with more than 300000
employees, Rylberg and Poulsen won wide recognition as two of the leading
Danish executives and entrepreneurs who played a key role in the successful
development of ISS.

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