Medals Presented To Minister Lennart Nordström

The Head of the Development Cooperation Section at the Embassy of Sweden in Hanoi, Minister Lennart Nordström was thanked for his contributions over the past years to the development cooperation between the two countries by the Vietnamese Minister of Industry and Trade, Mr Do Huu Hao.
    A medal “For the Development of Industry in Vietnam” was presented to Mr Nordström by the Vice Minister in Hanoi on 24 July in recognition of his contributions.
    Earlier, Minister Nordström received a friendship medal “For the Happiness of the Blind” from the Vietnam Blind Association. The medal is to thank Sweden in general and Mr Nordstrom in particular for their support and assistance to the blind in Vietnam. The project “IT for the Blind” in Vietnam has received a total fund of SEK 6.5 million from Sweden and is under way until the end of next year.

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