The Demonstrators Continue Their Blockades in Bangkok

Yesterday there was no sign of resignation from neither the government nor the demonstrators lead by People’s Alliance for Democracy (PAD). After the death of a demonstrate Monday night, and Prime Minister Samak Sundaravej declaring a state of emergency on Tuesday 2 2008, the progress in Bangkok has been followed from media worldwide.
 The Danish TV-channel DR2 interviewed ScandMedia’s reporter Annelene Højvang Larsen yesterday evening September 2 2008 on what was going on.
 “From where I stand I see demonstrators gathering at the blockade of the road. Car tyres and barbwire are used to block the street, and the demonstrators are wearing helmets and carry “arms” such as golf clubs and baseball bats,” Annelene Højvang Larsen told DR2 Udland.
   When asked what PAD hopes to achieve, Annelene Højvang Larsen answered, that they want Samak Sundaravej and the government to resign. They believe he paid the poor people of Thailand to vote for him during the last election. They therefore don’t consider him as a democratic elected leader. 
 There are different opinions of what they want instead. Some say that they want more power to the king and the military. A demonstrate that Annelene Højvang Larsen spoke to yesterday said, that what he and PAD want is a fair election. They want Samak Sundaravej and the entire government to resign in order to have a government that isn’t corrupt.
Watch the interview with Annelene Højvang Larsen in DR2 Udland:

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