48 percent of Swedish and Chinese consumers say their next car will be electric

The biggest impediment to EV adoption appears to be cost of ownership, according to EY’s 2021 Mobility Consumer Index.

recent survey by EY shows that 41 percent of consumers say their next car will be electric and in Sweden and China that number is even higher with 48 percent wanting to adapt to EV’s.

Electric cars are increasingly breaking into the mainstream and ARS Technica writes that EY in June this year surveyed 9000 people across 13 countries for its Mobile Consumer Index. The surveyed included consumers from China, Singapore, Sweden, South Korea, Australia, Canada, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, New Zealand, the UK, and the US.

The survey shows that in some places electric vehicle adoption is moving even faster than in China and Sweden and in Singapore 53 percent want their next car to be an EV while in South Korea 51 percent of consumers planning to buy a car say their next vehicle will be a plug-in.

According to EY, consumers are wanting to switch to EV’s mainly due to the environmental impact while some of the concerns over EV’s were the cost of ownership and not charging infrastructure. 

The good news is that time and again, research shows that EVs are cheaper to maintain and have a lower total cost of ownership than gasoline or diesel-powered vehicles which could also be the reason why more and more consumers are wanting to make the switch. EY conducted the same survey in September 2020 and at that time only 30 percent said their next car would be either a battery EV or plug-in hybrid EV.

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  1. Interesting to see just how prevalent EVs are becoming across the world. It’s not surprising to see that Sweden and China are seeing the EV market more favorably, especially as the options available to the public are becoming more cost-effective.

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