Singapore and Sweden In Naval Cooperation

The navies of Singapore and Sweden are participating in a threat reduction exchange program aimed at advancing mine countermeasure tactics.
   The Singapore government says its navy is conducting mine countermeasure exercises with the Royal Swedish Navy near Singapore through Thursday. The 10-day mine countermeasure program is designed to strengthen cooperation and interoperability between Singapore and Sweden’s naval diving units.
   The exchange program, codenamed Lejon Singa, is part of an ongoing cooperation effort to improve on threat reduction techniques and enhances both navies’ underwater mine neutralization capabilities.
   “I am very happy that our navies, in spite of the long distance that separates us geographically, have managed to develop such a fruitful and rewarding relationship,” Capt. Jan Thornqvist, Royal Swedish Navy 4th Naval Warfare Flotilla commander, said in a statement.

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