Studies Open Doors To Denmark And Norway

after the Vietnam War ended, the study of Vietnam has rightfully expanded
beyond issues pertaining to the warfare period.

prestigious institutions offering Vietnamese studies are being established in
countries where the subject was not popular in the past, such as Norway, Holland
and Germany.

    Since 1993,
Euro-Viet conferences, which introduced the study of Vietnam
to European nations, have been held biennially with the first colloquium
co-organized by the Nordic Institute of Asian Studies and the University of Copenhagen.

    A three-day
conference that begins tomorrow in Hanoi, titled
– Integration and Development,” is expected to draw more than 600 local and
international experts to present and share academic research related to the

Vu Minh Giang, deputy director of Vietnam National University-Hanoi, said
Vietnamese studies originally started out as an esoteric field for specialists
but has now evolved into a highly popular major at some of the world’s most
prominent universities and institutions.

    In 1990,
the French established the French School of the Far East with headquarters located in Hanoi, and since then, French experts have pioneered
research projects in Vietnam,
such as working with Vietnamese scientists in a major project to study the country’s
northern regions.

Nguyen Quang Ngoc from VNU-Hanoi says the growth of Vietnamese studies would
obviously help the world gain a better understanding of the importance of the
country and what it stands for.

    But the
process is also helping native Vietnamese and members of the diaspora better
understand themselves.

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