Danish Man Attacked In Pattaya

On Saturday Night, Police Major Wittaya from Pattaya Police Station, Thailand, was called to the Sombat Condominium in Soi 5 off the Pratamnuk Road in South Pattaya following reports that a Thai man had been detained on suspicion of aggravated burglary.
    At the scene, Police were met by Mr. Bent Borge Christiansen aged 69 from Denmark. He was able to detain a suspect thief who was caught inside his apartment. Khun Ek aged 25 immediately confessed to the theft and Mr. Christiansen explained that he had returned to his apartment following a night out with his Thai Wife.
    The door was locked from the inside and the lights were switched on inside the apartment which alerted Mr. Christiansen to a problem. Mr. Christiansen summoned assistance from Security Guards and with their assistance they were able to detain the suspect who eventually opened the front door with items of value in his hands including a laptop computer owned by the victim.
    A fight broke out causing Mr. Christiansen to sustain some injuries but eventually the suspect was detained. He was taken to Pattaya Police Station where he explained that himself and an accomplice, Khun Kay, who managed to escape had come to receive money to purchase Yabba Tablets from Khun Ek’s girlfriend. She was not in her room so the men formulated a plan to steal items from the nearby Sombat Condominium Complex.

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