Swedish Scholar Love Vietnam

Many young foreign scholars commit themselves to the study of Vietnam for something very simple. They gathered in the 3rd International Workshop on Vietnamese Studies in Hanoi last weekend.
    Eren, a lecturer at the Uppsala University in Sweden, is working on a doctoral thesis on Vietnam so he often flies here. At the age of 34, Eren is one of the youngest Vietnamese studies scholars. More specially, most of his research work is on Vietnamese young people.
    Eren brought to the workshop a presentation that he invested several years to survey the trend of Vietnamese young scientists after graduating from foreign universities and institutions.
    “Though they challenge a lot of difficulties studying abroad, especially financial difficulties, thanks to their dynamism, intelligence and eagerness for study, most of Vietnamese young people are successful and many people have returned home to serve their country,” Eren commented.
    He said nearly ten years ago, he met and made friends with some overseas Vietnamese students and the love to Vietnam came naturally. Eren can speak Vietnamese very fluently and he learnt it from overseas Vietnamese students in Sweden. He has never attended any Vietnamese language course.

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